Devoting your life to creating

“A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people,”- Thomas Mann.

Creation happens in silence, and any attempt at justification of our pursuits dilutes our creative process. People that have never followed their dreams believe in the myth of youthful indecisiveness, or art not being a real possibility. There is nothing special about the artist in that most people have the desire to create, but to develop discipline, and completely involve yourself in the creation of your art is special. If you are willing to sacrifice pleasure and delay gratification, oftentimes work for free, for a pursuit that you’ve never seen anyone accomplish, that passion must be meant for your life. Complete focus and commitment must be applied to the attainment of our goals; artists are blessed with the ability to see into the future. We work because we see what will come with all the devotion; humans are blessed with the ability to see the future, while also having a tendency to ruminate on the past, but the artist must maintain a peace with the present. We must allow ourselves to change, mold, shape and create the lives we desire like a sculpture carving the image in their mind. If we are to walk deeper into our lives, we must voyage the external world internally; we must give up the lives we once knew and move into the strange unwelcoming land of freedom. The moment we decide to live for ourselves our dreams will make room for us to succeed; we are destined to live a miraculous life devoted to self-realization and constant change. We become poets, painters, writers, and sculptures when we devote our lives to the development of these crafts.

The only way for the artist to survive and not remain an underground freak is by committing himself to understanding this contradicting complexity; learning with full force to live in communion with the paradoxical nature of the world. We are forced to become sensitive to the interior of our lives and become a friend, counselor, and disciplinarian of our soul. The present is our space of transformation and opportunity; we judge ourselves so harshly, never taking the moment to appreciate how the person we wished to become we are now. Instead we act our expired situations changing actions in our mind wishing for an illusory outcome; we must create from the reality of our current condition, and that is the responsibility of the artist. Our condition is a conglomeration of experiences between our lives, the people we have interacted with, and the unseen circumstances happening in places we do not see. An artist must be brave and maintain the faith to create from a space of certainty; we will get the work done. We can never understand how the choices we make plus the unseen circumstances influence the outcome of our lives; the artist must understand miracles have no order of difficulty and all experience is purposeful. So the artist must maintain and strengthen his motivation to complete the desired product; the artist must understand his creations are an act of giving. We cannot undo the decision that was made for us, the artist must create or perish; the voice of sanity, which preaches perseverance, commitment, and giving ourselves to the practice is the only true voice. Nothing is difficult for the artist devoted to his craft, and since our purpose is to create an energy greater than us is assisting in the process.

We must align ourselves with the lives we wish to live by giving attention to the people we want to become, we must practice being until we become. We must follow our heart like Siddharta, discover the value of humor and the multiplicity of being like Steppenwolfe, and admit we have lost our way like Dante in order to walk the path we desire. We must be vigilant for the lives we wish to live; we must sort out our minds and live the actions and thoughts that bring us closer or further away from our desired lives. Whatever is in accord with the light we must retain, but what is out of accord must be rejected. We must keep our spirit vibrant and unified with our purpose; we cannot judge the people that have no faith in the people we are creating. We must learn to avoid everything that takes us away from getting our desires or keeping our peace; our highest priority is to our purpose. We must consistently choose ourselves until there begins to be no choice at all because we see nothing other than what will improve our spirits. We must have no other identification other than bringing ourselves closer to the purpose of our lives; the world may shun or pretend it doesn’t need the artist but we are the only thing keeping it from blowing itself up. Letting doubt enter our mind diverts our trajectory and artists make decisions out of fear and other people’s rationality; our awareness of our lives need protection. We can have no doubt about our faith in our destiny; certainty is our God. For many of us, artists, there is no other life, we do the things we do to survive.

We must stay vigilant against illusions. The world is quick to place their illusion inside your inner matrix; where there is truth there is no illusions. We cannot place our mind on anything other than the pursuit of our purpose; that is having God on our mind. Illusions imprison our will and divert our travel towards our purpose on the planet, and this is how people become mentally sick. By not walking down their purpose people become sick, but the artist must remain vigilant against this sickness and align himself with his nourishment. We must be willing to relinquish everything for something; we must be willing to give everything for one thing. Everything outside our purpose is illusory and temporal; we must be willing to follow this strange calling. Our vigilance and commitment to the craft is a sign that we can bear the burden of creating. All our effort is required to align ourselves with the kingdom; we must exert great effort to reach this prosperity and peace. Inclusion into our art is the only truth, and creation is our purpose.

“A self-respecting artist must not fold his hands on the pretext that he is not in the mood.



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Tony Mcdonald

Dedicated to the improvement of the human spirit, and giving readers the courage to keep the fight through story telling. If we can face ourselves, we can love.