The Purpose my Philosophy and Art

Philosophy is a combination of two Greek words, philein sophia, meaning lover of wisdom.

I am not interested in any wisdom that does not help people gain a deeper appreciation for the world. Most philosophies, it seems, are bound within tall towers of university buildings and tweed suits. And heavily influenced by social scientists and economists, preventing the wisdom from connecting to the daily experiences of modern man. The fundamental concern has went from developing an aesthetic sensibility to a egoistic battle in unclarified discourses. The development of a personal philosophy involves a complete immersion into the emotional intricacy of your life; the ability of Maria Popova to write exceptionally well, Drake’s ability to create music that expresses everything I haven’t said, Frank Ocean’s ability to carry our spirits in the Night, Harriet Hosmer’s ability to create sculptures that bring us to tears represents a devotion to complete immersion in their creative processes.

Philosophy, historically, has prided itself on being incomprehensible, distant from the people, impersonal, and massively obtuse and opaque; music, however, has always seemed to keep an excellent distance between preaching and wisdom. The philosophy of musicians is focused around a heroic mastery of their medium; it is the develop of everything that enhances their ability to live closer with their art. The desire to raise your medium to the highest potential grows when there is no separation between you and the creation. How can we use philosophy to enhance and improve our lives? How can art become a safe space for compassion and understanding? How can I build my entire life around becoming an artist? Art, being an appreciation or recognition of the human condition, is inseparable from life; the creative process is an act of meditation. Philosophers must become musicians and tell a story dedicated to improving the human condition.

“Music don’t mean a thing unless it tells a story.”

Because art offers examples into defeating personal dragons, art becomes an opportunity to improve the lives of the people; it’s a communal exchange between reader and artist. To accept life, one must surrender and lead a life of faith; this fact is often met with denial and avoidance until death becomes the only alternative. Stories are indispensable from the human attempt to comprehend the world around them; the insights art provides gives one the faith to continue following the strangeness of a devoted life. They are stories that inspire admiration or emulation; a reflection on the difficulties in our lives and discovery of the similarities in experience. Art can become, if willed, a tool to move through our lives; the pain of being caught in the trap of double thinking is eased when I discover Susan Sontag had the same fears, doubts, and insecurities with living. It heals my spirit to discover my hero carried the tendency to be self-debasing, and constantly reached out for external recognition. We live in a world of hyper-connection, reaching for as many likes, viewers, claps we can possibly receive; the confidence to admit your fears, doubts, and second guessing's is an act of healing. This straight to the point, fearlessness of introspection creates a hero, but many outsiders consider this a pathological smirk on someone’s character.

We must utilize our world to become more vulnerable and honest; the social function of art, I believe, is the ability to ignite the honesty in people, and serve as a instructional guide for dealing with the particulars of life. It gives people the courage to love, fail, journey, and keep the fight. It is the job of the artist to describe and lay out the current human predicament and provide hope for the healing of the nation. Nations always need rebalancing; the artist responsibility is an act of commitment and devotion because of the constant adjustments needed by the nation to maintain itself. My purpose, within my art, is to sound the alarm and let my experience be known, and if you connect then ride on the journey of selfhood with me. To become free, artist and individual, we must be able, faithfully, to run the risk of being a complete person. Regardless of the judgement and opinions on our character, we must have the confidence of living through the daily attempted murders of our psychological inclination, to create.

Gordan Parks



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Tony Mcdonald

Dedicated to the improvement of the human spirit, and giving readers the courage to keep the fight through story telling. If we can face ourselves, we can love.